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      Byssa took him by the hand, led him to the stable, and put her finger on the red streak upon the horses side.

      "About an hour."

      Dauversire and the Voice from Heaven ? Abb Olier ? Their Schemes ? The Society of Notre-Dame de Montreal ? Maisonneuve ? Devout Ladies ? Mademoiselle Mance ? Marguerite Bourgeoys ? The Montrealists at Quebec ? Jealousy ? Quarrels ? Romance and Devotion ? Embarkation ? Foundation of Montreal


      The Confederates at this time were in a flush of unparalleled audacity. They despised white men as base poltroons, and esteemed themselves warriors and heroes, destined to conquer all mankind. [1] The fire-arms with which the Dutch had rashly supplied them, joined to their united councils, their courage, and ferocity, gave them an advantage over the surrounding tribes which they fully understood. Their passions rose with their sense of power. They boasted that they would wipe the Hurons, the Algonquins, and the French from the face of the earth, and carry the "white girls," meaning the nuns, to their villages. This last event, indeed, seemed more than probable; and the Hospital nuns left their exposed station at Sillery, and withdrew to the ramparts and palisades of Quebec. The St. Lawrence and the Ottawa were so infested, that communication with the 242 Huron country was cut off; and three times the annual packet of letters sent thither to the missionaries fell into the hands of the Iroquois.It was well for the European colonies, above all for those of England, that the wisdom of the Iroquois was but the wisdom of savages. Their sagacity is past denying; it showed itself in many ways; but it was not equal to a comprehension of their own situation and that of their race. Could they have read their destiny, and curbed their mad ambition, they might have leagued with themselves four great communities of kindred lineage, to resist the encroachments of civilization, and oppose a barrier of fire to the spread of the young colonies of the East. But their organization and their intelligence were merely the instruments of a blind frenzy, which impelled them to destroy those whom they might have made their allies in a common cause.


      [98] tat de la dpense faite par Mr. de la Salle, Gouverneur du Fort Frontenac. Rcit de Nicolas de la Salle. Revue faite au Fort de Frontenac, 1677; Mmoire sur le Projet du Sieur de la Salle (Margry, i. 329). Plan of Fort Frontenac, published by Faillon, from the original sent to France by Denonville in 1685. Relation des Dcouvertes du Sieur de la Salle. When Frontenac was at the fort in September, 1677, he found only four habitants. It appears, by the Relation des Dcouvertes du Sieur de la Salle, that, three or four years later, there were thirteen or fourteen families. La Salle spent 34,426 francs on the fort. Mmoire au Roy, Papiers de Famille.


      [16] See Appendix. The above narrative is from Rcit de ce qui s'est pass de plus remarquable dans le Voyage de MM. Dollier et Galine. (Bibliothque Nationale.)[4] Lalemant, Relation des Hurons, 1639, 17 (Cramoisy).